Maroon Blends: Maroon Bush, Gumby Gumby & Peppermint


This Maroon Blends is a combination of Maroon Bush, Gumy Gumby and natural peppermint in a standard tea bag. (Also available with mixed berries.)

These tea bags are designed as an easy everyday use option.

Each packet has 14 tea bags, each containing 1/2 gram of Maroon Bush (Scaevola Spinescens) and 1/2 gram of Gumby Gumby (Pittosporum Angustifolium.)

Peppermint contains 1.5 grams of peppermint. Mixed berries contains 2 grams of mixed berries.

For use and more information about Maroon Blends, click here.

Maroon Blends not available for postage overseas.

Price includes Express Postage within Australia.

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