My Experience with Bush Tea

Around 1990 I began to have sinus problems. At first it was just a running nose for a few hours, and I would think I was getting a cold. Gradually it became more frequent and longer. I would feel extreme fatigue, my nose would run continuously for 2 or 3 days at a time. During that time it was all I could do to drag myself around the house.

In March 2003, I began to memorize as a form of meditation and relaxation. The improvement on my health and nose were quite dramatic, but difficult to maintain. Sometimes I would be up at two or three o’clock in the morning, memorizing and meditating to try to stall off a sinus attack. There was hardly a time when I was not tight and aching in the face with the feeling that I needed to sneeze.

Christmas at the end of 2003 I visited with my Sister, Jeanie Crago, and she brewed up some bush tea for me. The effect was unbelievable and unexpected. Within a week my sinus dried up, the tightness and feeling I needed to continuously sneeze left. My nose was normal for the first time in years! My energy levels rose, and I could function normally. My whole body seemed to go through a detox.

I now take the bush tea every few weeks, or when there are colds and flu around. Not only does my nose never give trouble, I just don’t get colds, flu’s and other illnesses
For me the impact of mind power, belief, a positive attitude and the bush tea have been life changing. It is because of this profound impact on my own life that I created this natural cancer treatment site.


Meditation and Memorizing

I have included this section for the few who have an interest in meditation or memorizing. For those who do read on, this is my experience, and may not reflect yours or your views. That’s great, we re all different.
I must also say, I am not a doctor, or medical person, trainer in meditation or the like. In fact for a long time meditation was something I thought to be just sitting, relaxing, studying quietly, prayer and so on. Beyond this I did not consider it to be a state or experience into which our mind can enter.
My experience has now convinced me that meditation is a state of consciousness we can learn to enter and experience. Before I share my concept and try to explain it; a couple of observations.

I am a Christian and my change of understanding did not come easily. Meditation in the western world generally owes its beginnings to Eastern and Oriental Philosophies. In the western world many people of the Christian faith have viewed meditation with suspicion, and distrust. For many Christians, meditation has been considered "dangerous". This was perhaps partly due to the idea that in meditation one "empties" their mind. Christianity, in general teaches that good and evil are two personal beings in conflict with each other in the universe! The universe is the arena in which this conflict takes place rather than their identity. And so, to empty ones mind raises the concern of allowing evil to enter because we are in that arena!

On the other hand Eastern meditative philosophy tends to view the universe as a balance between positive and negative. Somewhat like the two ends of an apple core. One entity, two poles. This philosophy does not necessarily understand there to be a God or individual entity as such, who is separate from the universe, but rather the sum of its total.

I feel that those who shun meditation have missed something that can increase healing, health and balance in life. 

My meditation experience began when I sat down to memorize a short passage. As I focussed on the words and ran them through my mind I began to "switch off" to what was going on around me. As I became more absorbed in what I was doing, other thoughts and "racket" going on in my brain began to get pushed away or shut down. Eventually my mind reached a place where the words I was memorizing were the only thing in my mind, and they were not verbalized. My mind was operating almost from a subconscious level. The sense of relaxation and de-stress was remarkable. It was physically tangible.

Let me give you an example of how this worked for me. Read the next sentence carefully, BUT as you do, take note of other thoughts that go through your mind, are you ready?

"I can climb mountains". Now reflect for a moment. What other thoughts went through your mind at the same time as you read that phrase? Analyze these other thoughts for a moment, and compare them with how you read the phrase "I can climb mountains". If you are like me, I verbalize most things in my mind as I read them. But other thoughts that go through my mind as I read are less verbalized. They are more on the thought level. By the way, did you know that people who can speed read have learnt to read at the thought level. They do not verbalize every word or phrase in their mind. It is a powerful tool.

Just try this. Sit back, relax, breath deeply and slowly for a minute or two. Now run the phrase "I can climb mountains" through your mind. Do not verbalize it. Run it down to the point where it is purely thought level. Hard? But did you notice that as you did that, other clutter and verbalized thoughts began to get pushed out of your mind?

If you do this for 10-15 minutes you will be amazed at what can happen. A sense of relaxation, energy, and balance can be yours. But, please, don't sit there thinking about when it is going to happen, or trying to analyze if what you are doing is working. That is clutter that will stop your mind entering the level of healing, relaxation and release of positive chemicals into your system.


How To Memorize
For me there are three levels or stages to memorizing. The first is where you have learnt something to the stage you can recall it verbally in your mind. The second is when you can say it out loud - in private! The final stage is where you can say it in public! Having said that, if you have a "photographic memory" you will probably just read something through several times and have it perfect. Most of us have to work hard at it!

Reaching the first stage requires several steps. Let's say you are memorizing a poem. Read it through several times, getting a feel for the content, creating pictures in your mind to bring it to life. Learn the first line or phrase. Do this in parts if you need to. You may find it useful to either visualize the words, or create pictures in your mind that link to the words for recall.

Next, learn the second line or phrase. Once you have done that, put the two together, and run them through your mind as a whole. Continue this process for each section. Often linking blocks or phrases is where you will have a memory loss! Be sure to link two or three blocks together and repeat them to create good connections and flow. I am a visual person, so I create a sequence of pictures to keep the flow.

Now move to the next level. Verbalize your poem (in private). You will need to do this several times. Try starting at different points in the poem. This will help remove those "memory loss patches"! Next try saying your poem in front of others. This is where you will suddenly find out how well it is in your mind.