Using the Concentrate Bottles

C 100: Ultra Concentrated Convenience

Recommended serve sizes for C 100 Ultra Concentrate: 3.5 ml per day.

Please Shake Before Use.

At just 115 mm x 37 mm these bottles provide a compact way to have your maroon bush tea on hand at home or away. We recommend storing in the refrigerator, but can go for short periods without if you have to. Bottles are filled heated. Each bottle contains the tea from well over 6 liters of “normal” tea, and has been brewed using pure, country rainwater. Distillation takes place over very low heat to keep the tea as natural as possible.

Each 50 ml bottle contains concentrated tea from over 100 grams of dry, shredded maroon bush. Each bottle and serve/dose size is designed to provide tea for about about 2 weeks. You can use a stronger or weaker dose if you wish. It will keep for many weeks in the fridge.

Suggested serve size is 3.5 ml per day. The dropper in the bottle will hold 1 ml when full to the base of the rubber.

Note: The tea is not exactly nice tasting, but you can take it alone if you wish.

The concentrate allows you to “hide” the taste in juices. I recommend making up 200-300 ml of juice or water with the concentrate serve added for use throughout the day. I like dark grape juice to improve the taste. Pomegranate juice is also very suitable and is reportedly beneficial when dealing with prostate cancer.

Uses based on people’s experience: Boost immune system, aid in fighting Flu, Colds, Infections, Cancer and Diabetes. Can also be applied topically on rashes and skin irritations.