Traditional Use of Maroon Bush

From cancer to the Immune system

There are many stories about Bush Medicine being used to cure or aid in the treatment of cancer. This is particularly so in Western, and South Australia where the bush seems to have been used most. Most people who have used the Maroon bush have done so in conjunction with other forms of treatment, effectively combining it as you would any other form of herbal remedy. Please be aware that the bush is declared an S4 in Western Australia and we cannot supply it for human use in that state. What you do with it is your choice.

Many people who used the bush for this would vouch for the healing and extra life it has given them. Others who, like myself, have used it for a variety of illnesses have experienced exciting results. A common thread running through the outcomes people have had is that it appears to boost the immune system.

Some of these success stories may be difficult to “prove”, for several reasons. One being that most cases are not well documented. This is perhaps because alternative, holistic, or natural herbal remedies and treatments for cancer and illnesses do not generally reach the forefront of medical reports and information. Many people who took (or take) the Bush Tea did so "on the quiet", and of course evidence is lacking.

As is well documented in the book, The Maroon Bush Story, mainstream medicine has generally shown a disinterest in the bush. However there has been several scientific studies done, with some ongoing. One current study is showing exciting results, and I am privy to a little of it, but at this stage nothing can be published.

It does not take long researching this “bush” to discover that both the properties and the effects of it are hard to pin down. One of the reasons for this is what is called a synergistic effect. This is where the whole of something as a complete unit works together to produce the effect. Many of the tests and analysis of the plant have been done by extracting certain components to see if or how they work. Often, probably because of this,  with little or unclear results. If the plant product actually works synergistically, then breaking it down also breaks the synergy, and destroys its effect.

As with many natural type cancer remedies, or herbal remedies, people often only turn to these things as a "last resort". Some who used the bush did so in this way. This perhaps has not always given the "bush" a fair go, but in spite of this some of these have experienced excellent results or significant improvement. History shows that mainstream medical treatments also work a lot better when used early!

My own experience and others supports the view that Maroon Bush has a powerful effect on the immune system.
There also seems to be significant benefits in aiding the treatment of diabetes. There is currently attempts underway to conduct a longitudinal study on the effects of the Maroon bush on diabetes. If this gets off the ground it may well be very exciting to see the results. To date I have heard of several cases of people reporting a significant drop in the need for medication when using the extract. My personal belief is that the bush medicine boosts the immune system dramatically.

There are many people who are sure they owe their health, and recovery from cancer to the Bush Medicine in the past, whether this is the case should of course be decided by individual research.