My Tea Recipe

How I use Maroon Bush

Instructions for making the tea extract:

  • Soak 50g Maroon Bush Tea bag in 2.5 litres of water for a few hours or overnight
  • Bring water with the tea bag in it to a simmer / light boil for a few minutes
  • Pour tea into a container and store in the fridge. It is sometimes a good idea to store half in the freezer to keep it fresh while using the first half

Recommended dosage: 100 ml 3 times per day.

Please note that the 100 ml 3 times a day suggested is a heavy duty dose for the more "traditional" use for cancer and the like. For general health and immune system boosting this can be reduced and taken on a more random basis when there is a need. Historically people, including myself, have used about 100 ml 3 times per day. For me the results were quite dramatic, though I was not using it for cancer.

*Maroon Bush is harvested direct from arid outback Australian Bushland. Some dust and natural environment particles may be present.