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Maroon Bush Herbal Remedy Tea

Maroon Bush Tea has been used as a herbal remedy in helping deal with cancer, sometimes in conjunction with other cancer treatments. It is has also had some use in assisting with diabetes and other

Maroon Bush with Berries. Lower image: shredded bush tea
health problems. Please note the tea is non toxic but is declared an S4, "Prescription only" in Western Australia and we only supply it for use on stock or pets in Western Australia, and we take no responsibility for any other use you make of the product. If you would like to talk with me for more information you can contact me on 02 69263530. Or 0448992033. You can purchase the 50 gram bush tea bags and ready made tea concentrate at this link: Buy Maroon Bush .

Natural treatment of any illness, including cancer is a debated topic. This is perhaps especially true when it comes to cancer, using natural or herbal remedies, or seeking natural cancer cures.

This site does not claim to offer a cure or solution to cancer. It does offer information and history about an Australian Native plant - Scaevola Spinescens. Better known as Maroon Bush, or Currant Bush. This glance at historical use of Maroon Bush is only intended to illustrate, and document as fairly as possible, the experience of others, myself included. There is a large and growing number of people who believe the Maroon Bush is a powerful natural herbal remedy which has helped them deal with cancer and quite a range of other health issues. However what is presented here is not to be taken as a claim or proof that Maroon Bush is a natural cancer cure. There is no evidence or claims being made of what it may or may not do for you.

50 gram packs of Scaevola Spinescens and concentrated tea (see image below) are available on this site. However, for legal reasons I do not sell or promote these as having any therapeutic purpose or value. People who wish to acquire Maroon Bush, are understood to have done their own research and have their own reasons or purposes for using it.

  My motivation for this site came from my own experience with Maroon bush, and its life-changing impact, for which I am forever grateful.




Maroon Bush Tea